Presently well for the most important day of your life? Are you ready to get dressed as his bride and to organize your wedding? We prepared for you the complete astrological guide that will help you organize the wedding of your dreams! Read below what kind of bride will be according to the sign and your ascendant, the wedding dress and the hairstyle that suits you, as well as useful tips for a successful wedding planning!

The Aries as his bride
The bride Aries is dynamic and energetic. We will arrange everything, even if deal literally last time! The goal is to enjoy mainly that her marriage and then the guests, whom but the fun is very important, since it seeks always rewarding. So, everything is designed and our scheduled, according to its own unique taste, perhaps with some exaggeration! One bride Aries is not anxiety and stage fright, instead looking forward to the time when I climb the stairs of the Church (or Hall), though the last days before her wedding will certainly be quite irritable and nervous.

Wedding dresses for Rams: The perfect dress for an Aries, must be more than’ all comfy! It is quite non-graceful and jerky movements and a wedding dress that the limits, it is the worst option. Fri’ all’ the kriarisio wedding dress must be separate, impressive and modern bridal hairstyle requires high hair caught to look dynamic features of her face, which will be highlighted with a bright makeup.

Wedding for Bride Aries: It is assumed that the bride Aries, wants to take all the initiatives of the Organization of the wedding but also to make and innovative options to be discussed! Part of the organisation will be dedicated for the event after the wedding and for fun.

The Taurus as his bride
The bride Bull dreams a wedding elegant, traditional, romantic and austere. I started many months before organizes and will not risk with innovations in order to impress the wedding ceremony. While all will be excellently organized and ready much before their time, the Tayrina belongs to the anxiety brides who are afraid if anything goes wrong and outside programming! It is certain that the wedding party will have fine but some food and quality music.

Wedding dresses for Bulls: The perfect wedding dress for the bride a bull, is definitely classic, female, from good expensive fabric and with several lace details. Bridal makeup that suits are in earthy colors and combing should be simple but classy and feminine, like that!

Wedding for Bride of a bull: The bride who belong to the zodiac sign of Taurus, loves the Organization and stability. I would be more confident if you outsource the planning in a company that has experience, knowledge and creativity in arranging marriages, for the reason that he wants everything to go "clock"!


The Twin as his bride
The bride Twin is joyful, optimistic and sees the preparation of marriage but also the ceremony or the reception as a game. Wants to have many guests and everyone to share moments passing beautiful. He sees the marriage more like a pleasant social event than a sacred romantic moment of her life. Highly stressed not having definitely has recruited several interns from the friendly and the sister circle!

Wedding dresses for Gemini: The perfect wedding dress is definitely Didyminas's playful, unique, maybe short and-why not-free from the traditional white or ivory, choosing some detail or more with intense color. The hair and the makeup would be good to be playful and exude freshness!

Wedding for the Bride's twin: The bride thinks marriage of Twin like a Social Event and what it really wants, is the day of her wedding to is like a unique Party that all her friends will have to remember!

The Cancer as his bride
The bride plans early Cancer in her mind her wedding and wants to be romantic, sweet, with lots of flowers and very traditional. Many times though the result is not worthy of its own expectations, since it has a tendency to drift far from the urgings of family environment. It is certain that it will hold a warm, family and marriage that will stay all indelible memory, since that marriage equals the start of family formation.

Wedding dresses for Cancers: The perfect dress for a Karkinaki, has classic feminine design, maybe a little old-fashioned with rich fabrics and lace to show fairy! The makeup that suits her is in pink colours and hair would be good to be frugal, but kalochtenismena.

Wedding for Bride Cancer: One bride who belong to the zodiac sign of cancer, it is imperative to avoid the involvement of many relatives in organization of marriage in order to have control of situations.

The Leo as his bride
The bride Leo wants her marriage to stand out, but mostly he wants to impress the same! We strive to be the most glamorous and beautiful bride in a Royal Wedding and an unforgettable big wedding party! Rather the gold color will dominate in adornment and maybe away at some points, from its tendency to exaggeration, but that only in this way can be satisfied and not agchwthei that her marriage would not be quite magnificent.

Wedding dresses for Lions: The perfect dress for a Lioness is impressive, rich, glowing with gold details or many rhinestones to feel real leading lady! The makeup but her hair should be equally impressive and good will was not picked up, but falling rich on her shoulders revealing the exuberant personality.

Wedding for Bride Leo: The main objective of the bride Leo is to impress at her wedding, planning a ceremony that will be truly "Royal"!

The Virgo as his bride
The Virgin Bride wants her marriage to be perfect, well cared for up to the smallest detail, brilliantly staged but quite simple. Its not like unnecessary entypwsiasmoi and the same care and for the show. Will prepare the wedding itself, because no one in her opinion, will not be able better than her and I guess he's right. Nevertheless we will not be able to avoid stressful moments.

Wedding dresses for Virgin: The perfect dress for the Virgin is extremely feminine but also very serious and subdued. I probably don't need to get away from the classic colors, white or ivory and the makeup, like her hair does not need to be loaded.

Wedding for Bride Virgin: It is known that the sign of organization and detail are Virgo… The bride who belong to this sign really wants to be sure as to the timing of completion of all tasks needed for the planning of her wedding, as well as for the cost!

The Libra as his bride
The bride Libra is born to ... marry her! It is the moment that waited her whole life to live and be happier and more distraught than ever. Nevertheless it is most appropriate to organize a perfect wedding. It has elegant taste, knows from romance, fashion and style, and this road will follow and at her wedding. The wedding reception will be great, without exaggerations and organised so as to please even the most demanding guest!

Wedding dresses for Scales: The perfect dress for a Yoke is tasteful, stylish, rather a large House and of course very feminine as she does. Should not be afraid to play with the color of the dress, it fits an intense but in pale colors makeup and a feminine hairstyle.

Wedding for Bride Libra: The Organization of the wedding for the bride Yoke, based on excellent and refined space options, decorating, wedding, photography, music.

The Scorpion as his bride
The bride Scorpio prefers a practical, beautiful but affordable wedding and will avoid unnecessary expense for gimmicky. Nevertheless I will take care of the wedding ceremony but the bridal table to have quite specific points beyond the ordinary, to pique the interest of the guests. I agchwthei enough and requires you to have the last word on anything, so get everything according to its own wishes.

Wedding dresses for Scorpions: The perfect dress for the Scorpion fish is very simple and unassuming, almost not reminiscent of wedding dress but dress extremely sensual, elegant and mysterious. I would not feel comfortable with the classic white, so it's best to choose an ivory. Makeup should be the particular stresses her eyes and hairstyle, are either caught or not hair, a part of them should definitely cover facial points.

Wedding for Bride Scorpio: The wedding for the bride Scorpio rests on very basic requirements, but which require certainty, stability and comprehensive result!

The Archer as his bride
The bride Archer is dynamic and wants to stand out from the traditional model. And the same but her marriage will have a progressive character, joy, fun and will is far from ordinary. Will not agchwthei at all by the Organization, since it believes that everything will be fine and will probably deal last time, perhaps somewhat clumsily or will take care of someone else, she will appoint, to prepare everything.

Wedding dresses for Sagittarius: The perfect dress for a bride, as Archer and the appropriate hairstyle or makeup, must be particularly comfortable, without exaggerations femininity or magical style. The wedding dress can have different colors or some intense colored details. If you dare to put her personal touch to all appearance, will feel even better with this.

Wedding for Bride Archer: The bride Archer, would choose to make her wedding and part distant, for example on an island!

The Capricorn as his bride
The bride Capricorn wants to have a traditional marriage, in accordance with the standards of the family, where I fully satisfied and the need to satisfy to the fullest the whole social circle. Is totally eclectic in choice of relatives and many times even thinks the gift you received from each one. Marriage preparation begins very early, so they are all excellently organized and planned, so I don't particularly stressed.

Wedding dresses for Capricorn: The perfect dress for the Aigokerina, they are not redundant nor provocative, embellished nor bold. It's classic but also quite distinctive, without rhinestones and lace. Satin is the best choice. Does not follow the fashion and has no kind of hyperbole on it and so must be the hairstyle as her makeup.

Wedding for Bride Capricorn: The wedding for the bride Capricorn begins many months (or even of time) before its implementation as it wants to first make a very good market research.

The Aquarius as his bride
The bride Aquarius will attempt to be radical and revolutionary and at her wedding. Maybe do some more traditional options in feasting, why the very interested to enjoy the guests, but primarily in this wedding will dominate the diversity and uniqueness. Will not agchwthei much since it is usual to grapples with many things simultaneously and is able to meet at all.

Wedding dresses for Ydrochooys: The perfect dress for the Aquarius is unique, eye-catching, bold and maybe not for all ... tastes! It is advisable to dress off the classic line, with slides or special lace. One good option is the short or slit in the leg, wedding dress. The hairstyle should be equally impressive, but good makeup would have soft, almost sheer shades.

Wedding for Bride Aquarius: The fact is that the woman who belongs to the zodiac sign of Aquarius didn't go so well with the Organization! Wants really make extreme choices, who will make her marriage to differs from the ordinary!

The Fish as his bride
The bride Fish dreaming of a romantic, fairy-tale wedding, organised and adorned with unparalleled imagination. He wants to live the fairy tale and will take care of it, with good artistic taste. Of course because of the anxiety and the patient's memory, you will probably need the help of others, to prepare. Wants to accomplish everything at her wedding and everybody happy, otherwise, even if for the same was indeed quiet, will be hurt if someone guest of eventually told the opposite.

Wedding dresses for Pisces: The perfect dress for a Pisces, it's fairy-tale, rich, reminiscent of fairy and is extremely feminine. Can escape from the usual colors by selecting something pink, but the ultimate white, is the most appropriate for her. Her hair better not be caught and may try to decorate with flowers. Makeup should definitely make her look like a little girl, because only thus will feel beautiful, having a bright and bold paint, will ' borne ' too.

Wedding for Bride Pisces: This marriage should resemble a romantic fairy tale. The point is that the bride Pisces wants anyway organisation, support and help to put in order all you want to do to the happiest time of her life!

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