It is a relatively new fashion in the Cyprus weddings that, like all shows, came to stay.

If you go to a wedding in Cyprus, in the last period, we have seen.

This is a new trend in the Cyprus weddings that first appeared about two years ago, but a few months began to evolve into a trend.

The Same Day Edit (abbreviated SDE) is this video projected at the time of a marriage party and specifically before the first dance or the cutting of the wedding cake.

This shows everything that happened the same day of the wedding, until the time of the event, hence the name Same Day Edit.

Now that all the guests sit in their seats, a projector turns on and suddenly starts airing the video.

The Same Day Edit takes about 3 to 4 minutes and shows the whole process of preparation of the bride and groom. That is, the time when the bride makes hair and painted, but the duration that the groom shaved, polishes his shoes the shirt button. Then we see the so-called zwmata in the home of the bride and groom individually and finally, a few snapshots from the mystery of the Church.



It is indeed surprising to see an integrated video with snapshots made on the same day, even with footage from drones, while it simultaneously is a pleasant surprise for the guests, as is a special way to start usually the wedding party.

But for the videos to be completed and be ready for viewing on time, must be located in space an extra person, apart from the binteografo/Foz, who with who will end the mystery, you take the memory card out of the camera in order to prepare the videos on his computer.

You need to watch the entire video, as long as it lasts though and pick out the most beautiful scenes, the mounts and put a loud song as a musical carpet.

same day edit

As regards price, from the information that we gathered from an investigation, we learned that ranges between 200 and 500 Euro-surcharge to the package.

However, if the Same Day Edit is a fashion that will pass or a trend that will continue in habit, as happened with the drones and other miscellaneous that appeared at times, this will show the time.

same day edit

Besides the Same Day Edit, last some couples choose to demonstrate during the reception and a pre wedding video (do it like Diplaros), which is something like a trailer or as a short film starring the husband and wife.

In the end, the videographer instead of the usual wedding video I gave previously, which was amontaristo and take countless hours, is preparing a four-minute video with the most beautiful moments of their marriage, which arguably is called… Highlights.

same day edit

See below some examples with Same Day Edits from Cyprus Weddings:

Source: city.sigmalive.com